The fact is a majority of the states now legally allow their citizens to use marijuana for medical purposes. However, marijuana still considered to be a Schedule 1 controlled substance when it comes to the federal level. As a result, dispensaries that sell marijuana requires a considerable amount of security. In other words, having security guards for medical marijuana dispensaries are needed.

Just like any other drug and pharmaceutical sellers, marijuana dispensaries too requires considerable protection from potential crimes. In general, dispensaries are among the most favorite targets of various types of criminals, such as thieves, burglars, etc. There is also a good chance for vandalism in dispensaries. Therefore, such an establishment requires 24-hour protection and no doubt that it should be handled by professional security guards.

Unprotected dispensaries can be often approached by criminals to rob or steal marijuana stocks. So, there must be professional dispensary security guards to protect those stocks from potential criminals. The presence of security guards can protect the stocks from being stolen and more importantly, they can protect the lives of the employees who work for the dispensary.

When a dispensary is closed for the day, it can still become vulnerable to break-ins. Although measures like CCTV camera can be present, they are too predictable, and criminals know how to bypass them. However, the presence of security guards for medical marijuana dispensaries ensures better safety. You must remember that all the medical marijuana dispensaries must have proper security measures (both video surveillance as well as on-site security) and that is a requirement by federal law. The management of the dispensary must submit the security plan to the local law enforcement authority as a requirement before starting the business. So, having the assistance of professional security guards for such facility.